Christmas cards and graduation photos could be taking a hit as a popular field in Temple might become something else.

Back in 1989, the city of Temple was designated the Wildflower Capital of Texas. It now shares that designation with DeWitt County, but it could be in danger of losing it all together as one of the most popular sites for family bluebonnet pictures could be turned into a self-storage unit.

Inside Self-Storage is reporting that a self-storage project from real estate developer Donald Jones would be ripping up a popular wildflower field on South 31st Street.

This past Wednesday during a public meeting, according to a source, residents were more concerned about the impact the proposed project would have on the nearby Deerfield Estates subdivision.

Jones tried to tell attendees that his company is doing many things to try to make the units fit the area. “There [are] many really classy self-storage facilities next to multi-million dollar homes," he said. "I can assure you this project will look better than any other project around town.”


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