If you've ever wanted to escape to a Lifetime movie holiday house, then this is the year to do it!

As we're all aware, 2020 has been absolutely crazy. There've been several occasions on which I wanted to escape from the world and just forget everything that's going on out there, and the "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" Holiday House is the perfect place to do exactly that!

According to Vrbo, the "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" Holiday House will be available to book starting at 1 p.m. EST Nov. 23, 2020, exclusively on the travel site.

Again, I know plenty of ladies and gentlemen who've been waiting to be swept off their feet by that "perfect" special someone and then taken to that fairytale home that has everything you've ever dreamed of. Lifetime and Vrbo have teamed up to grant you that wish by offering 5 exclusive stays in a house designed to make you feel as if you've stepped into one of the Lifetime network's holiday movies.

Side note: Unfortunately that perfect special someone isn't included.

"We fell in love with the idea of walking into a vacation home and immediately feeling like you were transported into a Lifetime movie," said Kannie Yu LaPack, senior vice president of PR, public affairs and social media for Lifetime and LMN.  "Because we all truly need to escape these days, this incredible opportunity to create a house with Vrbo for families to experience this season is like opening the perfect gift under the tree."

The house doesn't just look the part, either. There are all sorts of features included in your stay to make it fully immersive, like a Santa letter writing station, a do-it-yourself ginger bread house kit, backyard polar bear lounge, and even fake snow to add to the authenticity.

Vrbo is making the picture-perfect "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" Holiday House available for three-night minimum stays through Dec. 27, 2020. Priced at $100 per night, the vacation home's rental fees will go directly to charity.

Lifetime will also gift the very first stay to a deserving family as part of its Gift of a Lifetime program – the network's give-back initiative tied to this year's "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" holiday movie slate.

Scroll down to see beautiful photos from inside the house.

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Stay in a Christmas Movie Come to Life: It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday House

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