I'm starting to see more and more openings from across the country. Good news, as it looks like we are starting to get back to normal - whatever normal is anymore.

Here in Texas, Six Flags has announced it'll re-open with new safety guidelines. Bars, restaurants, swimming pools and camping facilities are also set to re-open with new guidelines. The NHL has plans to re-open the season and do a 24 team playoff tournament, in empty arenas, but at least they have a plan. NBA and MLB haven't figured out there plans yet but that could change at any time now.

According to the Orlando SentinelWalt Disney World And SeaWorld will begin the process of re-opening as well.

A new survey finds once social distancing guidelines are lifted, the first things most people want to spend money on include eating out at a restaurant and visiting family. Getting a beauty treatment like a haircut or manicure was third on the list and booking a vacation finished fourth.

A vacation from this stay-at-home vacation sounds like a good idea. Las Vegas will start to slowly re-open on June 4th. Of course, new guidelines will be in place and casinos will have to submit new safety plans to the Nevada Gaming Control Board before they can re-open. Some of those new safety guidelines will include 50% occupancy, with social distancing protocols in place.  Plexiglass barriers will also be put up to protect  several games and slot machines. Plus there will also be limits to how many players can sit at each table, including a four-player cap on poker.

It's not bad news, as these are steps being taken to protect people from a second wave of COVID-19 while also trying to get us back to the "new normal" we are facing. The economy also needs us to boost it up. Making travel plans is a great way to pump some much needed cash into America. So let's go to Vegas and hit it BIG! Who's in?

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