'Ted2' hits the big screen this weekend. The R rated comedy is up against two hard core money makers. How do you think it will do?

I believe 'Ted2" will do well but those dinosaurs are some ferocious crowd pleasers, and then we have the kid friendly "Inside Out". Take a look at the Ted trailer before you decide. Morgan Freeman joins Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane. Ted is married, to a human and they want to adopt, but there is that "you are a toy", obstacle.



Ted is rated R and that could send it to third place, yes third, behind "Jurassic World" and "Inside Out". I am going to go out on a limb and wager that "Jurassic World" will be number one once again. IKR! What am I thinking?  I am thinking World can drop 50 percent and still make $50 million.



"Inside Out" was not far behind "Jurrasic World" last week, there is a chance it could surge to the top, but I don't think so since World has all those IMAX Tickets to help it.




And there is one more movie that's open in wide release. "Max" is the story of a Marine service dog whose handler is killed in Afghanistan.  Max is given to the man's family and healing ensues. There is weapon smuggling too.




So we are at the end and I have not changed my mind.  I pick "Jurassic World" to be number one, "Inside Out"  will be number two, and "Ted2" will take three.  I don't know where "Max" will be.


BTW I watched the rated R "Ted2" Trailer.  It was pretty disgusting!  Another one of those not made for me movies.  I guess guys will love it.



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