Well it just had to come to this. Waco PD will issue you a citation if you are not wearing a mask in public places. Consider yourself warned.

 with FOX44 News reports that Waco PD will be keeping an eye out for those who are not wearing their masks in certain businesses, and could possibly cite customers and employees who are not following the proper protocol.

Waco Mayor Kyle Deaver issued an executive order last month mandating the use of masks in Waco businesses. It turns out people are not following the mandate.

Mayor Deaver says officials continue to get reports and complaints about people either entering businesses with no mask or entering with a mask and then taking it off. He said police would be sent to stores from which the most complaints have come to "see what they find".

“If they do find people not wearing masks, they’re going to talk with those folks and try to understand why they’re not wearing a mask," he said. Mayor Deaver said those we choose not to wear a mask will be subject to a written warning, and repeat offenders could receive citations.

“You’re not being brave by walking in without a mask,” Deaver said. “You are being a problem. A risk to your fellow shoppers and those around you.”

At the moment, no citations have been issued and the hope is that they won't have to. Mayor Deaver also said that he does not know what will be charged to people who are not wearing a mask if they are issued a citation.

As the KWKT article points out, some people are worried about what keeping a mask on could do and what health concerns it could raise as temperatures continue to climb.

Waco-McLennan County Public Health District spokesperson Kelly Craine said it's important to wear a mask despite the summer heat, and recommended having several masks available to swap out if you're getting too hot and sweaty.

My personal opinion is simple: wear a mask when you are out in public. Look around. COVID-19 is a real issue, not a made up conspiracy. You may feel invincible, but think about others, your family, your friends, people you may not know that also have family and friends some of whom may already have health issues. Show some respect for your fellow man and wear a mask. If not for yourself, do it for others.

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