Careful what you ask about at Legends Diner in Denton Texas. It could cost you.

According to a report from FOX NEWS, it'll cost you $50 just to ask about their mask policy, and $75 if they have to hear why you disagree.

WFAA, YouTube
WFAA, YouTube

You can ask just about anything at Legends Diner, but when it comes to the mask policy, it's best to just obey the sign or move on.

It's a new "surcharge" the diner has put in place to encourage people to wear their mask when entering and leaving the diner.

Gov. Abbott lifted the state's mask mandate on Wednesday, March 10, and since then several companies and private businesses have implemented their own mask policies to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Legends Diner in Denton Texas is one of them.

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The owners of Legends Diner are Wayne and Kat LaCombe. They told the Dallas Morning News that the policy is mostly tongue-in-cheek and is designed to remind their customers to remember their staff's health and safety.

Wayne LaCombe says, "I just can’t afford to get the virus. We’d have to shut our business down."

The mask surcharge was put into place when a couple of customers didn't completely obey their mask policy. Wayne says the customers wore masks coming in, had a nice breakfast, then neglected to wear masks when they approached the counter to settle the bill.

"I had to explain to them why it was important," LaCombe said.

Legends Diner isn't the only restaurant requiring face masks be worn while entering and leaving their establishment. 73.1% of the 725 restaurants the responded to a recent Texas Restaurant Association survey said they would also continue to require staff to wear masks and face coverings. I wonder if any other restaurants are charging for mask questions and explanations as well.

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