I don't know about you, but I try to avoid snakes. I'm not afraid of them, but I don't want to hold them tightly, either.

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A homeowner in Universal City, Texas had a slithery surprise earlier this week when she spotted a snake in her house. It happens, right? However, this wasn't your regular wild Texas serpent.

Python in the House

KSAT reported that an area homeowner reported finding what she believed to be a rattlesnake in her home, according to Universal City police Lt. Sheila “Tina” Vitacco:

The lady provided him with an old pillowcase to transport the snake and it was later picked up by our animal control folks. The officer asked if the lady wanted to keep it since it was a pet but she was not having any of that.

Officer Hector Luevano, who is familiar with snakes, was sent to the woman’s home and determined the reptile was not a rattlesnake, as she originally thought, but actually a python.

Vitacco said police are working to identify who the snake belongs to, but they believe the reptile could have potentially escaped from Polly’s Pets, a nearby pet shop.

Pythons in Texas

Earlier this year, a large python was returned to its owner after the 12-foot snake was found on the loose and slithering under a parked car near San Antonio in Cibolo, Texas, according to KTBC. The python, named Shadow, belonged to Leah Garcia, who said the reptile escaped from a locked cage, and has a recreational controlled exotic snake permit to keep the pet.

Helpful Slithering: Which Snakes Could Help or Harm in Texas?

Not all snakes are bad. Some Texas snakes actually do a lot to help humans out, even if we don't always see or appreciate it. Then again, some snakes can do a lot of harm. Here's a quick rundown.

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