KHOU has shared a story about the next internet challenge that is sweeping across the country, and the globe. It's called the 'Trashtag Challenge'.

Finally! An internet challenge that isn't about eating laundry detergent or some crazy dance from a video game. This challenge actually helps make the world a cleaner place.

We've seen some pretty strange internet challenges recently. From 'Birdboxing' to dancing to Drake on the highway, some of these challenges have been seriously dangerous. 'Trashtag Challenge' started a few years ago and fizzled out but has recently caught on again

From blindfolding yourself to dancing to Drake on the highway, we’ve seen a lot of strange, and downright dangerous, social media challenges. But there's a new, more positive internet trend, that's starting to take off.

This campaign was created a few years ago, but a Facebook user in Arizona just resurrected it last week. Thousands of posts have gone up across social media to inspire others to participate. So here is how this one works:

1)- Take a 'before' photo of a location like a city park, beach, or playground area.
2)- Clean it up
3)- Take an 'after' photo.
4)- Post your tidy work to social media with the hashtag #Trashtag

Show us your #Trashtag in the comments below as we get our 'spring cleaning' done in the Killeen-Temple area.

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