Tacos rained down from overhead on Monday in the capital city. Just check out the video above.

KXAN reports Torchy's Tacos came parachuting down from above much to the enjoyment of those visiting downtown Austin at the beginning of the week.

Torchy's partnered up with a company that specializes in 'floating food'. Jafflechutes helped get Torchy's Tacos off the ground and into the hands and mouths of folks who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The surprise tacos were part of Jafflechutes promotion for the South By Southwest festival.

The Taco Drop featured hundreds of 'trailer park' tacos and hundreds of 'green chile pork' tacos.

As the festival continues, people want to know if more Taco Drops will be taking place downtown. Well, that's all part of the fun. Nobody knows for sure!

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