Now, before you go all ape ship, yes, I know it's also National Teacher Appreciation Week, so calm down.

Via Big Q Photos TSM
Via Big Q Photos TSM

As part of the celebration of Teachers this week, we were asked to pass along a story of a teacher who inspired us.

Yea, I got no one. I can honestly say I have no memory of any teacher. Teachers to me were nothing more than shells of human flesh who always made note that...

"Q is underachieving. He could, and should be doing better."

It was like their goal in life to make sure all kids peaked in life at 15. Now to me, since I'm over 50 now, makes perfect sense. This was the act of an adult who did peak at 15, and now hates kids so much that he or she wants to set all their kids up for failure so they can be just as miserable as they are.

My perfect example of this is from a former shop teacher. Don't remember his name, I just know he's now dead.

We were making our dream homes in miniature form. I didn't know how to get a 90 degree cut on two pieces of wood. (turns out you cut each piece at 45 degrees. Who knew.) So instead of seizing a moment to "teach", he asked if I was stupid in front of the class.

It's because of this that whenever I hear of a school shooting where a teacher was targeted, I feel bad of course, but part of me can understand.

Now I should point out that he wasn't a shop teacher by trade, but was forced to teach the class because, and I'm only guessing here, that there were already Math Teachers at the school who were better than he was.

I ended up still passing the class, even though I failed to put any closets in the home. Maybe I was stupid.

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