Jesse Mesa of Hamlin, TX was picking his daughter up from school when he saw another student get hit by a truck at a crosswalk. When the driver didn't stop, Mesa followed him until the driver was finally stopped by police and taken into custody.

Few things get on my nerves like watching people drive through school zones. It's crazy. Jesse Messa apparently feels the same.

Mesa followed the driver for over a mile down some back roads before the police caught up to them and stopped the driver. 28-year-old Wilfredo Faz was arrested for driving while intoxicated according to

Mesa said he was concerned for someone else's child and felt he just had to do something. He felt if he didn't follow the driver that he would have just gotten away.

Faz will have to face the music now and is likely up against charges including hit-and-run, failure to render aid, and causing an accident resulting in injury. Thankfully, the student was not seriously injured.



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