This will be the most disgusting thing you read about today.

Via MGN/Metro Police
Via MGN/Metro Police

It seems that people in the building love Nashville. They all go there and party at least once a year. They think it's great. Yea. Not really.

A tool bag is in jail after his wife called the cops on him because of a cell phone video showing him raping a 5-year-old boy.

The damaged man, who should've been aborted at birth, is charged with rape of a child and is being held on $150,000 bond. (That's it? WTF! How was bond even offered in the first place?)

Fox 17 News obtained an affidavit on the situation, and it seems that Poop Stain's wife found a video on his phone that showed him assaulting a young boy. Yes, not only did he violate a child, he filmed himself doing it.

The alleged incident happened back in March. The wife recognized items that show that it all went down in their apartment. The victim is also a relative of the wife.

Is there not a marriage questionnaire somewhere on the internet? Ladies, you really need to look for one, and one of the question should be...

"Do you find young boys sexy?"

Ask it outloud, and if there's any type of pause, dump them at the next curb. Don't even slow down. Pop the door and kick them out. Hopefully they land on their head and die.

If you were wondering...Yes, Tennessee does have the death penalty.


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