Reports are showing that a lot of people are self quarantining with booze. Lots of booze. What better way to pass the time than with some cocktails?

Restaurants here in Central Texas are even delivering your favorite cocktail with your food order. That deserves a big ol' Texas cheers!

So now that we're in the habit of having our drinks delivered to our homes, cocktail subscriptions are on the rise. Here's a list of the six best subscriptions to check out according to Ari Bendersky with

American Cocktail Club - Lots of different plans to choose from as low as $27.99 a month.

Cocktail Courier - Based in Chicago, their boxes start at about $30 a month and can make anywhere from six to twelve drinks per box.

Crafted Taste - A little more expensive for this one at $150 a month, but with enough ingredients to make 12-16 cocktails

Saloon Box - Offers three, six, and twelve-month packages.

Shaker & Spoon -  Boxes run $40-$50 each and contains three recipes, and the ingredients to make four each without the spirit.

Source Craft Cocktails - This one’s a bit different, and employs bar workers currently out of work. Each kit costs $72 and contains “made-to-order non-alcoholic batched cocktail mixers” that are delivered to your door. Each box is enough to make 12 drinks.

These are great options if you're looking to sooth the quarantine blues with some adult beverages, but remember - local restaurants need your support too. Do some shopping and see who's offering cocktails to-go. Many are even delivering.

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