Nobody wants anything stolen from their personal belongings. It's just a fact of life. We all work hard to earn our money and daily things we need.

However we can't control what happens in life, and sometimes people want to take things that aren't theirs. Sometimes those things are little, like a piece of candy. Other times it's a bigger item.

It seems like tire thieves might be back in Texas

Yes it appears that tires might be back in thieves' sights. According to WFAA, Frisco Police are looking into 6 different cases of tires being taken. The one caveat is that the only tires from Toyota Corollas are being stolen.

But still, a potential return of tire thefts is something that many would rather not see come back. One of the victims according to WFAA was Alan Castro. He's unfortunately  one of the people who's had their tires taken.

However this isn't the only time Castro had his stolen

In six months, Alan has had his tires taken away from him two times. So he's lost eight tires in half a year. Which is a sentence that no one wants to say or write.

So how do Texans protect themselves?

According to police, the thefts seem to be occurring at apartment complexes. Officers are encouraging people to park in areas that are well lit, as well as places that cameras around that could film the thieves in question. So be aware everybody!

I wonder if there's a way to put trackers on tires...

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