Is your current fishing hole not producing the results you want? Getting the best out of a day on the lake is all about three little words: location, location, location.

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Turns out, the best lake in the lone star state is right here in Central Texas.

Fish On!

The old adage is true: even the worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work! But, if you are tired of casting all day and only catching a buzz and a sunburn, there is a place right here in our neck of the woods that could change all that.

Cheapism reports that the best lake in Texas to fish is none other than Aquilla Lake.

Aquilla Lake

Aquilla Lake is North of Waco and just south of Hillsboro, just east of Whitney, Texas.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Aquilla Lake is just over an hour away and may be the perfect spot to spend the day fishing and bringing back a good haul. Cheapism compiled their best place to fish in each state list with several different factors in mind, "consulting online rankings, recommendations from pros, and reviews from visitors."

Cheapism explains:

"Anglers who cast a line at Aquilla Lake have an advantage. Submerged at strategic locations throughout the water are human-made fish attractors and fish-hiding structures. Teeming with fish just waiting to be caught, these hideouts include "crappie condos" made of bamboo. Anglers can use GPS to find them."

It almost seems unfair to go fish there.

The People Have Spoken

These guys documented their trip to Aquilla Lake. Check out their video.

Texas Department of Wildlife says there are all kinds of great fish just waiting to become someone's dinner in Aquilla Lake, like largemouth bass, crappie, blue & channel catfish, and white bass.

You're ready to hit the lake aren't you? Wait up, I'll grab my gear and go with you.

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