I see these as simply decoration but apparently, they could mean so much more. Is there a secret meaning to these metal stars that I'm unaware of? Could they be a symbol of good luck, a religious statement or something a bit more sexual?

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Lots of houses have these barn stars but are they decoration or a secret symbol?

Barn Star

Decorating a house with a barn star is nothing new. It's a fairly normal decoration that people have done for years but I have never seen so many houses with the barn star till I moved to Texas in 2017. I also never really though anything of it till I saw a story about it online recently. That's when I decided to take a deeper dive into the history of the barn star.

The popular belief is that the barn star is mainly associated with the “Pennsylvanian Dutch” which refer to emigrants from Germany (Amish, Mennonites, and Lutherans) who relocated to the United States.

Sign of Good Luck

Going further back in time it's believed that the Chinese used the stars as a sign of good luck and that the Amish adopted them with the same meaning. Hanging a star on your house would mean to bring the family good luck.

Other Meanings

As is the case, everything can have a different mean depending on culture. For some, the barn stars represent a religious symbol with the top point pointing to the heavens, one point in each direction for the mother and father and the two lower points representing the children. It's even been said that the barn star represents an "open lifestyle" or a "swingers" lifestyle.

Star Colors

The color of the star may also be part of the meaning. A black star is said to mean a home is protected, blue represents peace; red is passion. Brown symbolizes friendship and strength while white represents purity and energy.

Whatever the case, it seems that most people just like the barn star as a decoration.

I'll go with that too!

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