We all wanted to be a superhero when we grew up. It's hard to not to want to be one right? Having a power all your own, and stopping bad guys?

Sounds like a fun time to anyone. Unfortunately, reality doesn't help us with being a superhero with powers. Nor does anybody really have a super power when they are born. So to fulfill the fantasy of superheroes, we look to media.

Most all of us know of comic books, Marvel or DC. We also know of the movies of both the companies previously mentioned as well. We all have a favorite hero, or favorite movie featuring that hero. But with so many super powered characters, who comes out on top as a favorite?

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More Specifically, Who Is Top Hero In Texas?

Wisevoter collected data from all 50 states in the union to see who came out on top in the metaphorical battle of heroes. So let's turn our attention to the Lone Star State. Some might believe that Captain America would take 1st place, but it turns out that Cap took 5th place.

So who's above Captain America? In 4th place, it was Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. Coming in 3rd, Superman, the Man of Steel Himself. 2nd Place belonged to the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

So Who Was First?

The man with the Spider Sense himself, Spiderman swung into 1st place. Which some of us could absolutely see. But I would've liked to have Iron Man a little higher on the list personally.

Who's your favorite super hero? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app!

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