What the hell is wrong with people? I know there are some strange birds out here, but this is just plain crazy. This Texas psycho either has a serious issue or a gross fetish. Either way, he needs some help.

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Hollywood Unlocked shared footage from a stores surveillance video on Instagram and  it's just plain gross.

The Camera Eye

It's pretty safe to assume that everywhere you go, everything you do in public, someone is recording you. Whether it be surveillance video from a store or somebody with a phone in their hands, it's possible your every move is being recorded when you step outside or enter a store.

As much as the camera can catch a strange or embarrassing moment, it can also catch a crime if it were to happen. Chances are that surveillance video may be able to help sort out details and help authorities find those responsible.

It can also catch some downright weird stuff too.

Butt Sniffer

Example A: This Texas man was seen on surveillance video at a pet store sniffing a customer's butt.

As you can see in the video below, the man is lurking in the isle waiting for his moment to casually drop down and take a whiff of a stranger's posterior. He makes several attempts in fact, and it's all caught on video.

Neither of the two women even seem to notice.

Bothe women left the pet store and knew nothing of the strange guy sniffing around. But it was all caught on camera, and like everything recorded these days, it eventually found its way online.



Is It A Crime?

I'm not sure what this man would be charged with if he was ever recognized and caught. Obviously this is disrespectful and gross behavior, and no one deserves to have some stranger in their space doing something like this, especially if they're completely unaware it's even happening.

What do you charge someone with in a case like this? I don't know, but I do know one thing - if I ever catch someone sniffing me in public, there's going to be trouble.

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