Temple's Kentucky Fried Chicken is finally getting a much-needed makeover.

I recently turned 30, and I can't remember the KFC at the corner of South 31st and West Central Avenue ever changing. Imagine my surprise when I'm driving by and see fresh paint and sawdust everywhere.

It's about time the place got some TLC, especially now that they've got so much new competition. (Raising Cane's and the currently-under-construction Zaxby's, for example.)

While it's a welcome change on that corner, I wonder what will happen to all those goofy, old-school pictures that were on the wall. You know, the ones with kids who're probably 40 by now munching on drumsticks?

Anyway, if you're hankerin' for some KFC, their drive-thru is still open. Just watch for people in hardhats.

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