Over 100 teachers rallied at the Texas Capitol on Wednesday asking for health and safety to be put first after the Texas Education Agency announced it's reopening guidelines.

The concern is that opening schools next month could put students, teachers, and staff at risk. Texas is still seeing rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, and going back to school could spike those numbers even more.

Texas Education Agency released its guidelines last week and gave parents an option, but teachers didn't get an option. That led to a lot of school districts criticizing the guidelines and asking for more flexibility with reopening.

According to The Killeen Daily Herald, officials with the Leander district sent a letter to Governor Abbott and additional state agencies asking for online only classes until hospitalizations are down to five or fewer in a seven day period in each county.

Texas Education Agency did say in its original guideline that school districts could take additional time to phase in teachers and students.

The teachers raise a great point. Until cases are way down, why risk their own health, as well as the safety of students and staff?

What are your thoughts about campuses opening with in-school classes?

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