If you think yourself a "MAN", you might be leery to try the fancy drinks. Steve Austin took one for the man team and tried them for you.

Now bartenders have some idea on what to serve real men at a fancy party situation.

This video also shows them what's going to get their ass kicked if they try to it to a real man.

So no matter how "bad ass" you are, you can enjoy a Cosmopolitan. Plus an Appletini will help keep the doctor away. As long as you're an alcoholic, that is.

Not a fan of Sex on the Beach? Yep, sand sort of takes away the rubbin fun. It's like walking around with sand in your shoe, except, in this case, you're significant other is the shoe.

If you hate yourself and enjoy getting punched, then simple serve a man a Jolly Rancher Shot.

Hope this helps if you ever find yourself at a "fancy" party.


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