Did you have a rough week? Did you find yourself eating a lot of "crap" burgers from people who, in a just world, would be folded in half and shoved in a culvert? Well, why not take the edge off with a quick trip down the road to Salado.

This Friday night the town is celebrating the 4th Friday of the month. The local business throughout the village will be offering after-hours shopping time.

Turns out Salado after hours is very adult, with Special Sales as well as Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages being served up, as well as snacks. MMMM, snacks.

Salado leaves the lights on late every 4th Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The best part, the event is FREE and open to the public. So stop in and experience Salado in a new way. A nice glass of wine tastes good as you check out their many boutiques, art galleries, wineries and more.

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