The Ghostbusters are adding a superhero to their ranks.

Paul Rudd, also known as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket, among other Marvel monickers, is (per Variety) set to star in Jason Reitman’s upcoming sequel to the original Ghostbusters franchise. Rudd will supposedly play “a teacher” in the film. More, via Variety:

Sony wouldn’t comment on plot details, but insiders tell Variety the story will be an extension of the original “Ghostbusters” and focus on a single mom and her family, with [Carrie] Coon playing the mom and Wolfhard playing her son. It’s unknown how exactly it connects to the original Ghostbusters series. Sigourney Weaver is also rumored to return as Dana Barrett.

Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman, producer and director of the original Ghostbusters movies, told Variety he’s “been wanting to work with Paul Rudd since my short film opened for Wet Hot American Summer at Sundance. I’m thrilled he’ll be joining this new chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe.”

Here’s Rudd confirming the news on Twitter, with a video he shot in front of the famous Ghostbusters firehouse in downtown Manhattan:

If Rudd is a “teacher” he’s probably not a new Ghostbuster — but if you were casting a guy to play a sort of next-gen Ghostbuster, it’s hard to imagine too many contemporary actors more qualified than Rudd. His Ant-Man movies are very much in the Ghostbusters mold; lots of wisecracks, lots of action. He seems like a perfect fit for the franchise.

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