God! Yes! We've heard of Pot Brownies. But some of us don't do drugs. But we do drink.

I've never understood Pot. What does it do? I can see it more of a medicinal helper.

Bad eyes? Have some Pot.

A lot of pain? Have some Pot.

But mixing it in food for recreational purposes? Nope. That's an insult to food.

"Dude! You have to love Pot Brownies."

"Dude. I do not."

Brownies are amazing on their own. But now someone has taken the Brownie to the Booze side of the pan.

Check out the Tasty recipe for adding a little Black Cherry flavor to your brownies with the help of REDD's Black Cherry Ale.

Boil up some Redd's Black Cherry Ale with Black Cherries. Let them simmer for 30 minutes. I'm sure the kills the 8% alcohol. No, really officer, I cooked off the booze.(he said slurreraly)

Mix butter, sugar, and dark cocoa powder. Crack a joke, and two eggs. Mix. Then squirt in some vanilla extract and salt. Mix. Buy the wife some flowers, then add your own flour and whip yourself into a frenzy. Spoon in some of your cooked black cherry mix with dark chocolate pieces.

Spray and line your brownie pan. Pour in and smooth your brownie mixture. Spoon in more of your black cherries. Then swirl it into the brownie mix. Add more dark chocolate chunks and toss ti in the oven.

Cook. Cool. Cut. Serve. Then find a meeting.

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