Life reared it's ugly face Wednesday morning in Corsicana.

Via Navarro County
Via Navarro County

You have to wonder, what's worse. A long slow death, or a sudden end of life. I guess it's in who you ask. If you're the person dying then the long slow way would be worse for you, but it would give your loved ones time to process.

When life looks like it's going along fine, and you fail to wake up one morning, well, that's good for you. You'll remember going to bed, then waking up in heaven. But for your family, they'll have to live with the shock of your sudden death.

KWTX is reporting that Navarro County District Attorney R. Lowell Thompson,48, died unexpectedly Wednesday morning.

Thompson was running unopposed for a fourth term. He was first elected back in 2006.

He was a graduate of Corsicana High School, Baylor University, and Texas Tech University School of Law.

It seems the family had already experienced unexpected death recently. Thompson's younger brother Brent, 43, was among the five officers who were killed in July 2016 up in Dallas.

Further details on the situation weren't immediately available.

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