For the past two weeks, one of our favorite shortcuts through Temple has been closed. It's been bugging the heck out of us, but today the City of Temple announced that it has re-opened.

The intersection of Kegley Road and West Adams Avenue was closed to allow quick completion of Phase I of the City's Kegley Road reconstruction project. Wednesday morning, October 24, City of Temple Communications Director Shannon Gowan announced that Phase I has been completed, and the intersection is once again open to through traffic.

So, that means our handy dandy shortcut is open!

For now.

Phase II of the project begins in summer of 2019. The focus will be on repairs toward the south end of Kegley where it intersects with Charter Oak Drive.

While the closures are an inconvenience, we have to hand it to the City for completing Phase I so quickly, especially considering the weather we've dealt with lately. Kudos, guys.

Unless we have a weird monsoon summer, things should go smoothly next summer.

And hey, it could be worse. Just look at the ongoing I-35 construction.

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