In the words of Indiana Jones, why did it have to be a snake?

You saw Aaron's post about the above snake steathlily slithering into shade on an SUV.

I wish I could say it seems like an isolated incident. Alas, it's spring time in Texas.

A couple of weeks ago, a headline about increased snakebites afflicting dogs in the Austin area got my attention. My first thought was even though I didn't have a dog, a snake could still slither into my garage. Then I saw this today...


EEK! Again I immediately make sure there were no cracks in any doors. I know however that these reptiles can be sneaky.

Now there are reported sightings in Round Rock.  That's about as far north as these slithery creatures need to come.

Of course, it could be worse… Like a scorpion stinging a man on an airline flight to Houston from Canada. That sounds like a terrible sequel.

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