I thought for certain we would not have a winner from one of the local schools this week. I thought wrong!

Friday was a school holiday because of the religious observance of Good Friday, but don't tell that to our Free Lunch Friday winner who was taking care of business inside the school on the students' days off.

Alvarez Barbecue and Catering was cooking Friday as usual.  We were on the air broadcasting and a good friend and loyal listener Sally Ybarra  was at work at Belton High School along with other employees responsible for keeping the physical plant in tiptop shape.

Sally Ybarra And friend with their Free Lunch Friday prize from Alvarez Barbecue and Catering
Sally Ybarra (right) and friend with their Free Lunch Friday prize from Alvarez Barbecue and Catering

A very grateful Sally and a friend who helped were glad to see us. They were even more glad that winning free lunch from Alvarez barbecue did not disqualify them from playing and possibly winning the thousand dollar prize which is bestowed twice a day when we play "Grand in your Hand."  I had to chuckle when she asked me! I don't blame her at all: I have to think twice about excepting the free barbecue if you're disqualified me from winning the thousand. Thankfully, the contests are played differently and winning one does not affect winning another.

Free Lunch Friday is back in a big way on K101.7 courtesy of Alvarez BBQ and Catering. Listen every weekday for the Free Lunch Password, then enter it here for your chance to win delicious barbecue sandwiches, chips, and drinks for TEN!

Alvarez BBQ and Catering is located at 2919 Market Loop in Temple across from Texas State Optical. You can’t go wrong with Alvarez’s menu, and they can cater your next special event.

Alvarez BBQ & Catering takes pride in living up to their motto. “Meat so tender you don’t need teeth!”

Listen all week long for the new password and enter to win, it's thst simple.

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