Last summer, I posted about Shiner making their own strawberry-flavored beer. Last year, I could only find it in the larger specialty size, the same size in which you see Olde English and other malt liquors.  After making a quick dash into my local H-E-B,  I came out with a six pack of Shiner Strawberry Blonde in longneck bottles. Perfect!

Inside my fridge, I already have bottles of strawberry lager from Abita Brewery in Louisiana. This was the first strawberry beer I ever tasted and I recently picked up a couple of six pack at Specs.

In addition to writing about it, I spoke about it on the air and I'm here to tell you how much I'm looking forward to these regional beers duking it out.  They seem to have eyes on each other's moves all the time. Last year, both of these craft breweries introduced cream ales in bottles available in stores.  Competition is good. It brings out your drive to win.

There's a third strawberry beer which really tastes wonderful. Covington brewing Company in Louisiana, the brand formally known as Heiner Brau, has a great strawberry ale  available all year round. Unfortunately, it's not available in Central Texas as far as I know.

Every year I find the fruit flavored beers taste a little bit different batch to batch. I'll be gladly giving my assessment here as we celebrate the opening of the Easter season in beautiful spring time. No better time to have a cold brew!


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