It took two years of hard work, but you can now see the vision of the future of the Alamo.

The Texas General Land Office announced this week that the Alamo Master Plan Management Committee has put together pictures of what they would like to see the Alamo plaza become.

The Alamo Master Plan Management Committee is comprised of representatives from the Texas General Land Office, the City of San Antonio, and the private Alamo Endowment. The above pictures show some of the improvements they would like to see for the Alamo Complex and surrounding area.

Their plans depict a vision that restores reverence and dignity to one of the most historic battlefields in the United States. It will also, hopefully, capture the imagination of all ages and all cultures for generations to come.

I went to the Alamo when I first got to town. It was very moving to see where such a battle took place. Anything that can be done to keep this amazing sight intact for future generations to see should be done.


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