Mexico took an extreme move in it's immigration problem on this day in 1836.

Mexico was regretting its decision to allow people from the United States to cross its border and settle in their land.

The province of Texas was already considered a rebelious area of Mexico. Add in the Americans and you got a powder keg of rebellion that exploded with a bad decision by a dude called Santa.

The armies of Santa Claus...nope, sorry, that’s the armies of Santa Anna had trapped some Texas rebels in a mission in San Antonio called the Alamo. On the 13th day of a standoff, Santa Anna sent in his troops at midnight to end the conflict. The Mexicans cried out either Viva Santa Anna or Viva La Republica though, blowing the element of surprise. Of course, when you outnumber your enemy over 10 to 1, surprise really isn't necessary. Although the Texas Rebels got in some good shots with a cannon with jagged pieces of scrap metal, shot, and chain, the vast numbers of Mexicans proved to be too much. Soon the cannons were captured and turned back on the rebels.

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According to one Mexican officer, the army captured a small group of  defenders, including Davy Crocket. They were brought before Santa Anna. One of the Mexican generals who led the attack against the Alamo, General Castrillón, asked for mercy on the prisoners' behalf. No quarter was given by Santa Anna, and the prisoners were tortured, then slaughtered. A Mexican officer noted that the men died without complaining and without humiliating themselves.

The decision to murder everyone came back to haunt Santa Anna, as "Remember the Alamo" became a rallying cry against him. About a month-and-a-half after the Alamo siege, Santa Anna was ambushed by Sam Houston's forces at San Jacinto and forced to sign a treaty of surrender.

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