Was it the heat? Was it the traffic? Maybe it's a combination of both. My San Antonio reported on two Houston, Texas women who spent their time in traffic twerking - and yes, someone filmed it.

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Houston Traffic

Houston traffic is known as one of the worst gridlocks in the nation. Frustration, anger even road rage, are the most commonly known results for those who have suffered through a commute home but what about "Road Twerk?" Apparently road twerk is on a level all it's own.

Road Twerk

So, I can think of lots of things that I would like to do for entertainment while stuck in traffic, twerking is definitely not one of them. However, that being said, I would be more than willing to watch somebody else hop on top of their car and give me a free show.

That's exactly how these two women from Houston decided to spend their time stuck in traffic. Check out the video:

The "Twerk Down"

With one foot in the car and the other on the open car door, the woman on the left is a bit more subdued while the woman who took center stage on top of the car obviously has some skill. Twerk it to the left, twerk it to the right, this lady could twerk it all night.

Of course the comments didn't disappoint,

@The One~The Original tweeted, At the red light twerking on them headlights…😅

“How was her skin not peeling on that roof,” said @shoot2kiIl,

“Super-human skin. My skin woulda melted off on that metal,” chimed in ​​@veeeegan95.

Whatever helps get you through the traffic I guess!

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