I don’t know about you Killeen, Texas, but I've found networking to be one of the most crucial steps in helping a small business thrive. I’ve noticed that a lot of businesses have made sure to network through certain pop-up shops in our area, and one of my favorite local event organizers is working to help make the magic happen again.


Even by Amey and Carolyn Brown definitely understand the assignment when it comes to making sure that entrepreneurs have a platform for them to not only be able to network but be able to learn from other businesses. Events With Amey will be hosting her 6th Ave pop-up shop and I cannot be more excited. Events With Amey said if you are a Small Businesses you need to come out and showcase your business. Events With Amey is also looking for vendors to set up for customers


Courtesy of Events With Amey
Courtesy of Events With Amey


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This is a BIG pop-up shop and networking event. Each pop-up shop that Events With Amey doing it again is bigger and better and the city continues to show up and show out. She has spaces available to be a Vendor at the Civic and Conference Center. This event is to bring small businesses together to network and showcase their work. Amey invites business owners, vendors, children’s activity vendors, food trucks, and entertainers to join and present their skills.
Amey says she is excited to have you and your family come out! If you are an entrepreneur, you wanna be there.

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