Give someone a hug. No, it's not national copafeel day, it's National Sweetest Day.


Today is the one day of the year where you have to be sweet. Oh sure, you can be sweet on other days, but that would make you a liberal.

You might ask,

"Why should we only be sweet on October 20th?"

It used be call National Candy day back in 1916, but then people started to use candy to worship the Devil, so they changed it. Also, because that's what some random calendar web site says you have to be, and you have to listen the calendar otherwise the internet will kill you.

Nope, sorry, that's the Saudi's (allegedly).

How should we all be sweet?

Fine question. I suggest that you be brutally honest with children. Sure, the things you say today might make them cry, but that will make you feel sweet, (you sick bastard) and in the end, the kids will be more knowledgeable which will make them happier. Maybe.

Sure, being honest with kids is a crapshoot, but it's entertaining. It's the weekend, so you have to be selfish. Entertain yourself while being sweet. If you like to see kids cry, than this is the day for you.

"Hey Kids! There's no such thing as Santa Clause.

O.K., there once was a person called Clause, but he went on a killing spree and murdered 75 parents in the town of Cologne. The people felt so sorry for the children who lost their parents, that they gave them gifts to help with the pain. So then every year people would wrap gifts for children, just in case their parents got murdered. Then years later they started serving Turkey and dressing and it became a party."

Hell. Let's be honest. It became the Sweetest party of the year.

And that's my effort at being Sweet on National Sweetest Day.

You're Welcome.

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