Week 1 of the Great Central Texas Halloween Scavenger Hunt was a monstrous success, and two people have already busted every ghoul and ghost in the CTX!

Feliesha Houle was the first hunter to scare up a score of 3000 points, earning an entry into that drawing for $5,000. Running neck-and-severed-neck with Feliesha the Frighthunter was Rassie Martin, who's also conjured an unholy 3000 points.

Right now, Stacie Culp and Lauren Moffatt are tied at 2800 points. Just boo...um, two more ghouls to go! But watch out, because Daniel Beverly is lurking right behind you at 2700!

So far, we've had about 300  people participate in the Great Central Texas Scavenger Hunt, and there's still plenty of time for everyone to rack up those 3000 points and earn a chance to win $5,000. The hunt ain't over until 11:59:59 PM, October 31.

If you want in on the hunt, click here to get our free mobile app, then check out the video below for a quick tutorial. Here's the gist: 30 ghosts and ghouls are hiding out all over Central Texas. Capturing even one can net you a bonus from our sponsors, but catching all 30 qualifies you for a chance to win $5,000.

Happy Haunting!

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