Hey ladies, are you mad at him for having a whole wife and family and not telling you about it?

That wasn't cool, was it?

Fellas, were you the side dude the whole time and at some point in the past year found out about it and broke it off?

Tsk Tsk Tsk...

We'll show them!

If you're going to be petty this Valentine's Day, you might as well support a great cause while you're do it.

The San Antonio Zoo is hosting a creepy, crawly fundraising event that allows donors to name a cockroach or a frozen rat after their ex and watch the critter get eaten.

All you have to do is name the filthy rat or slimy cockroach and watch them symbolically get devoured!

You can buy a cockroach for $5 or frozen rat for $25. Both options will be fed to a snake or another resident of the zoo while you watch with glee.

The Cry Me a Cockroach event will be live-streamed on the zoo's Facebook page so you can watch the carnage unfold.

In the spirit of inclusiveness, the zoo's also offering a vegetarian option for the plant eaters. For $5, you can name a veggie meal of lettuce, cabbage, and other leafy greens after someone who's really getting on your nerves or who broke your heart and watch an adorable herbivore at the zoo snack on 'em.

The proceeds will go toward improving the zoo's jaguar habitat so the wild cats can be more comfortable, as well as installing a new overhead trail system.

For more information about the Cry Me a Cockroach Valentine's Day event, check out their website. There's a link to purchase your critter or veggie meal, plus video of past events to give you an idea of what to expect on the big day.

If you've never been to the San Antonio Zoo, you should pay them a visit some time. It's a huge place and you can spend an entire day there.

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