Today is not a good day for me. It hasn’t been a good day for me since 2001. I cannot even imagine the hell the friends and families of 9/11 victims went through on this day in 2001 and continued to go through each following day.

I’ve always thought it interesting that on what would come to be the most evil day of my life, I was doing the most innocent thing. I was studying for a test and watching Little House on the Prairie on the USA network.

I don’t know what they do now, but back then, they did not air news on USA. Which is why I was confused when I looked up from studying and saw a burning building on the screen. My first thought was, “Why are they showing footage from the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center”? I had no idea what I was seeing.

I called my Mama and she told me what happened. As we both watched TV, I was enraged. That rage turned to complete horror when I realized the buildings were gone. I could not comprehend what I was seeing. I kept saying, “Where are the buildings??? Where are the buildings???!!!!” I could not believe it. My mind would not and could not accept that thousands had just died in front of me.

So yeah. Today is a horrible day for me. My nation was attacked. My people were attacked. My way of life was attacked. I don’t forgive evil. And I will NEVER forget it.

I put together a music montage for on air in remembrance of those who lost their lives today. Since I cannot air it on the web, I can give you videos of the songs I used for the thing in the order in which they played on air. It is eerie how their lyrics seem to fit so perfectly.

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Sammy Hagar- Where Eagles Fly- The first sentence sounds like it was written for 9/11.

Slaughter- Fly to the Angels

Giant- I’ll See you In My Dreams (The singer/guitarist of Giant, Dann Huff, is the producer who gave Keith Urban his first number one album.

Avenged Sevenfold- So Far Away (Written by guitarist Brian Elwin Haner/Sysnyster Gates after his grandfather died. He later used the song for Avenged Sevenfold after their drummer died (the video is a tribute to their late drummer).

Evanescence- My Immortal



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