Siri is the magical girl who lives in your iPhone and wants to help you find the nearest pizza place. She’s also got a sense of humor and loves to tell jokes. But, her eagerness to help you in any situation imaginable can be exploited by huge jerks, which is exactly what’s happening with the “Hey Siri, 108” prank.

Here’s how it works: Some evil person with a sick sense of humor tells you to speak the words “Hey Siri, One Oh Eight” into your iPhone. 108 is the Indian equivalent of the U.S.’s 911. iPhones register all emergency numbers across the globe, so Siri, believing you need help, routes your call to your local emergency dispatch center.

Basically, you’re telling Siri to call 911 without realizing it, which ties up emergency lines and wastes operators’ time.

Not only that, it could bury or delay a call from someone with an actual emergency, meaning the prank could potentially be deadly.

Don’t fall for this one, folks. In fact, tell your friends and make sure they don’t fall for it either. And if anyone ever tells you to say anything to Siri, maybe Google it first to make sure you’re not being had.

The video below highlights some safe Siri Easter Eggs you can have fun with.

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