Waco seems to be trying to compete with Killeen as a "dangerous" city.

I was raised in the pizza industry. I slung pepperoni for a living until I was 23. One thing I can say for sure...Not that much money hanging out in the registers. That's something you should know if you're a drugged out D-bag looking for cash for a quick score.

It seems I'm a little late with this info. KWTX is reporting someone tried to rob a Little Ceasars in Waco on South Valley Mills Drive Saturday afternoon around 4:30 p.m.

According to the Beverly Hills police chief. An idiot walked into the place with a pistol demanding money. At this point we really don't know what happened except no money was exchanged and a female employee was shot by the robber.

The victim was transported to Baylor Scott and White, Hillcrest. Condition unknown at this time.

Area police are searching for the suspect who fled the scene. They consider him to be armed and dangerous. He's 6'0" ft tall, 180 pounds and was wearing a black hoodie with the letters "NY" on the front. The suspect also had on tan military boots and blue jeans.

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