Surveillance Photo, Temple Police Department and KWTX
Surveillance Photo, Temple Police Department and KWTX

It's hot out there and people are thirsty. We get it. But that doesn't make it ok to steal.

Police in Temple are searching for a man caught on surveillance footage allegedly giving himself a five finger discount on hooch. Our partners at News 10 shared a still image of the man, who appears to be slipping a bottle into his shorts.

That's right - shorts. We're amazed the bottle didn't fall out and burst on the floor on his way out.

The accused bibulous bandit reportedly struck the Twin Liquors at 1521 Marlandwood Road. If you recognize him or have information that might be helpful to detectives, give the Temple Police Department a call at (254) 298-5500.

The picture is too grainy to see what he allegedly stole, but we hope it was worth it. Imagine going to jail over a bottle of bottom shelf sludge. That's no way to spend the summer.

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