Yep. The government wants to take away some more of your freedoms.

You one of them, "proud" people? Have you been "blessed"? Are you one of those dudes who like to (we censored this part of Big Q's post despite it being funny).

"Is that a windsock filled with sand and is the wind is picking up? Nope, it's just my junk."

Yea, well, you might want to move out of Texas.

KSAT reports that it'll be a Class C misdemeanor to send unsolicited lewd pictures by electronic means come September 1st.

Gov. Greg Abbot just might sign House Bill 2789 into law.

So, you will no longer be able to feel free to take a pic of your "Tricky Dicky" and text it to a potential victim...I mean date.

Now if this was a free country you would just simply take a pair of bloody garden sheers and send it back to the jerk and tell him where to stick it. That is, if you're offended by such things. If said idiot continues to send you the "Brett Favre", you just turn them into the cops and they get to make the news as a d**k pic guy.

What you need to do is to get a bunch of pictures of Richard Nixon. Then when the urge comes to send a photo, just shoot them a photo of Tricky Dicky and call it good.

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