Ah, the summer trip to the zoo. I've made it often with my nieces and nephews. We always have a blast. It's the last place I'd expect to see a police chase.

That's what happened at the Cameron Park Zoo on Tuesday evening. Waco police searched for an individual who may have been armed after that person fled from a two-car accident at the zoo entrance.

This car accident followed an exchange of gunfire between two vehicles between North 4th Street and North 6th Street on Garland Avenue which is to the southwest of the zoo. A short time later one of the cars involved in the shooting got into an accident with a city employee at the main gate of the zoo. The person who ran into the zoo fled the scene of that accident and headed toward Herring Avenue according to Rissa Shaw with News 10.

Police had a number of officers around the zoo and at all entrances. K9 teams joined the search as authorities asked residents to stay away from the zoo until the all-clear came out.

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