If you travel on Kegley Road, get ready for delays.

Via City of Temple
Via City of Temple

The City of Temple sent out a press release saying that Phase 1 of Kegley Road construction is set to start.

It'll begin from West Adams Avenue in Temple to the entrance of Wildflower Villas Apartment Homes. The city believes the contractor will begin sometime this week, and the work is expected to take 150 days.

A temporary road will be constructed east of the existing Kegley Road.

Don Bond, City Engineer, says, "It’s an important, and huge, project to reconstruct and widen Kegley Rd. from Adams Ave. to Midway Dr. This first phase, which will correctly align Kegley’s lanes at the Adams (FM 2305) intersection, is the beachhead of that effort. We’re excited to very soon realize visible progress toward our goal of extending the improvements all the way to the connection with Midway."

Hey, I don't care what they do, as long as they keep the dips and potholes, Oh, and the threat of the bridge collapsing.

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