The streets of Katy, Texas are safe again after authorities were able to locate and capture an 11-foot, 400-pound alligator on Monday morning.

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The scaly beast's plan to take over the town has been thwarted, and you can see the footage below.


According to the Houston Chronicle, folks in a Katy neighborhood were pretty surprised to see a massive alligator roaming around on Monday morning. It's not something you see very often or even at all. Not this side of Florida, anyway.

Fort Bend County Precinct 1 Constable Chad Norvell said:

“This morning around 7.40 a.m. dispatch received calls that an alligator was walking along Peek Road about 50 or 60 yards south of Buffalo Bayou. He was caught by licensed trappers from Texas Parks and Wildlife and is being taken to a sanctuary in El Campo.”

The capture was caught on video that has garnered tens of thousands of views.

Twitter Was on The Scene

Fortunately, Michael Schwab was just down the street when the call came in, so he jumped into action and was able to film the apprehension.

As you can see from the video, they had to bring in a tow truck to get this 440 gator into the truck so they could relocate him.

Gator Sightings Are Common in Them Thar Parts

Norvell says that gator sightings are common around the nearby bayou. He told the press, “They wander from their areas, looking for a mate. We always want to emphasize that alligators are native to the area so people shouldn't be alarmed when they see them. And usually if you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone.”  

On the bright side, gators are usually shy and non-confrontational. It's the crocs you should worry about. (If that makes you feel any better.)

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