Mark your calendars, boys and girls, because that scary clown is coming to terrorize your town again in two years. Ever since we saw that “CHAPTER ONE” stinger at the end of this fall’s box office monster IT we’ve been waiting to hear when the second chapter is dropping. Today, New Line and Warner Bros. announced that IT: Chapter Two will hit theaters September 6, 2019.

Since its debut just a few weeks ago, IT has broken a ton of records, including best opening for a Stephen King adaptation, best single-day take for an R-rated movie, best September release ever, and highest-grossing horror movie of all time after it unseated The Exorcist last week. To date, the movie has made $266.1 million domestically and scared the fall box office back into shape after the most dismal summer at the theater in over ten years.

Gary Dauberman, one of the screenwriters for IT, has closed a deal for the sequel, and director Andy Muschietti and his producing partners are expected to return as well. While Stephen King’s book about the band of small-town children who battle against a child-eating demon in the shape of a clown tracked back and forth between the past and the present day, the first film featured just the kid-versions of the characters. The sequel is set in the modern day when the children are adults, but will feature flashbacks to their childhood days. Which is great news, since the dynamic between all of the fantastic child actors is far and away the best part of the first movie.

IT is currently playing. IT: Chapter Two, to reiterate, floats into theaters September 6, 2019.

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