We're just days away from Halloween and the mad scramble to pick a costume has begun. Every year we take a look at what costumes are the most searched according to Google and this year's list is dominated in nearly every state by Wonder Woman.

According to Google Trends, (which has created a cool site they're calling "Frightgeist") this year's blockbuster winner Wonder Woman is the most searched Halloween costume in Texas (at the time of this writing), while "clown", likely due to the success of another summer hit "IT", is in second.

Rounding out the Top 5, "Princess" lands at #3, another comic book character lands at #4 with "Harley Quinn" and at number 5 "PJ Masks", from the popular "Disney Junior" cartoon series finishes out the list.

The "Frightgeist" site has some other cool features that will help you pick out a costume that will at least get you away from what everyone else is wearing. Check it out and have a safe and Happy Halloween and hopefully you don't show up to your costume party dressed EXACTLY like some one else!


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