Once again a social media challenge has led to kids putting themselves in danger. This time, three Tyler, Texas middle school students had to be taken to the hospital after attempting the "One Chip Challenge".

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School officials are now warning parents and students about the danger involved.

“One Chip Challenge"

The “One Chip Challenge" has been around for a while now, but seems to be making a comeback. The kids who were too young for the challenge before are finding out what it's all about now, and it's landing some of them in the hospital.

The “One Chip Challenge" is in its sixth year, and this year the chip is covered in two of the hottest peppers on the planet: Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper. Straight Fire! The chip is so hot, it's served in a little cardboard coffin. The idea is the eat the chip and see how long you can go without taking a drink.

No matter how tough you think you are, chances are this particular challenge could have you reacting like this guy:

The people attempting this challenge are filming themselves and posting to social media so everyone can see how they did, or in some cases, how they failed.

Dangerous Challenge

While some have the ability to handle the heat, some don't and it can lead to some serious consequences. The three Tyler ISD middle school students tried the challenge and would end up seriously sick.

CBS19 reports that Tyler ISD Director of Health Services Rachel Barber issued a statement reading:

"The latest One Chip Challenge can cause serious bodily injury and poisoning, and some can even be fatal. Serious complications such as damaged airways, seizures, and coma have been linked to many of these challenges. Students need to be mindful that while they may get ’likes’ or comments on social media, it could also leave them with life-long health complications that aren’t worth the risk.”

Tyler ISD is warning parents and students just how dangerous this can be.

Remember, what you see others doing on social media might look like fun, but many of these challenges can be dangerous.

Proceed with caution.

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