Tis the season for holiday parties. It's a horrible time of year, sure, but here's a good idea for you to save some money on them.

Cooking or baking for holiday parties can get kind of pricey. Especially if you've already spoiled people with your excellent grilling skills.

"Hey Q, can you bring your famous Brisket to the party?"

"Oh sure, let me stay up all night during the middle of the week so I can monitor a smoker so you can have good food at your party. Good idea by the way having your party on a Wednesday night. Lord knows so much gets done when everyone is hungover on Thursday. I love having a client come in and ask why it smells like puke in the hall."

I'm sure I'm not alone in that experience. Well this year, buy hot dogs. Yep, grill up some super seasoned hot dogs, cut them up, and then call it Hot Dog Tips, because everyone knows the best part on any meat is the tip.

"Just the tip, Just the tip!"


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