Never been a fan of musicals. But if Disney presented this version, I might have watched it.

I think the movie was called "Frozen". Something about a witch, or a princess, same thing really, that has power over ice and snow.

I think a horse falls in love with her. Or maybe some closet prince on a horse, I don't know, because let's be honest...Who cares.

The music seemed to be the thing that propelled the movie. The only thing I remember is the "name" issue with John Travolta. What was it John?

Swing and a miss.

I can see this version working in the movie though. Usually dramatic, over the top musicals seem to work with metal. It's why Hard Rock/Metal bands always seem to play with an orchestra at some point in their career. Who can forget Metallica.

If you can edit film, you should try to enter this version of "Let it Go" over the top of the movie.

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