Big time concert to promote Sammy Hagar's birthday on October 6th.

Each week on KRock we turn things over to the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, for a Top Rock Countdown. What does he countdown? Anything he wants to.

This weekend at 10 a.m. Sammy will be counting down songs from artist who'll be performing for his birthday at Huntington Beach during the Hightide Music Festival.

It's being called a beach party and car show. In fact, the city is allowing drinks to be sold for the first time on the beach. (this will not turn out well)

Sammy told BraveWorlds that it's going to be a show like he does in Cabo..."My friends will come jam with me and we’ll have a bunch of unannounced guests. We’ll also have an eclectic group of bands - SoCal reggae, folk, country, some rock and more. But it’s not a festival you can pin down as a classic-rock or alternative-rock fest. No. This is a World Music festival. It’s so crazy because it will also have a car show. All my friends and band members have colorful cars, as do I, so we’ll put them on display. And we’ll have a lot of food stands with food from my restaurants. So the festival will smell, taste and look like me, which is really a shame! But it has to have something with an identity."

So this Sunday at 10 a.m. well get a sneak peak at the music that will be hitting the beach October 6th.


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